Whether it's recreational or competitive: we have a range of sessions available to suit your needs...

Your first class is FREE! Simply CONTACT US to arrange a visit to the club for a taster session

Our pre-school classes are where it all begins! Ages 3-4 will learn all the fundamentals of gymnastics in a safe and exciting environment.

From balancing to co-ordination and movement to music this is the perfect way to have fun, get involved in the sport and set the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle

Foundation level Gymnastics (Suitable for Reception to Year 6+)

Our foundation gymnastics sessions are designed to engage children in gymnastics in a fun and friendly way! 

The aim is to develop your child’s physical skills through gymnastics,  developing their strength, flexibility, coordination, fitness and confidence. 

All of our foundation gymnasts take part in monthly reward schemes and there are always opportunities to progress to more advanced sessions.

This is the starting point for many gymnasts and where the fun really begins! Young gymnasts are also given

the option to compete at local, friendly floor competitions.

Gymnasts age 8+ who show real potential in their recreational classes advance into this session. They will now start working towards competing at local floor competitions. This requires are much more dedication and commitment from the gymnasts but is the perfect platform to lead towards our Acro competition level.

Our boys only session: No Girls allowed! Take part in physical challenges and learn floor, vault and trampette skills. Suitable for ages 5+

Our recreational classes are structured by age and/or ability:

A smaller, refined session for children/ young adults aged 5+, with physical disabilities and/or learning difficulties.  

The emphasis here is on the fundamental of movement such as balance, co-ordination and agility.

Get active in a relaxed and informal atmosphere...

These sessions are an ideal way to gain flexibility and improve fitness & stamina whilst learning basic gymnastic skills and techniques. Test yourself and be daring!

Invitation only session: The majority of our gymnasts work towards this session with the intention of performing a routine of balance and dynamic skills. Very popular with children from as young as 7 years old, right through to adult.

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FreeG fuses traditional gymnastic and acrobatic tricks whilst getting your body moving in ways you never thought possible. For more info, CLICK HERE

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